Monday, August 31, 2009

Alhamdulillah, my daughter managed to memorize 17 surah before she reached 3 years of age. It is a surprise for me to see the tremendous improvement in her memorization skill. She used to take 1 week to memorize surah an-nas that have 6 sentences (that time she was 2 years old) but now she can memorize any 5-6 sentence surah, for example surah al-Qadr, in 10 minutes! I believe this is because of her hafazan training. I also feel that by playing the beautiful voice of Adik Ahmad Saud VCD on Juzuk Amma 1-2 times a day helps the memorization process. My children are just like other children. Each time I play the VCD, they will never want to listen and sit quietly like we adult do. It is always the time for them to run around, doing their childish thing, playing and fighting with each other and one of them will end up crying, stop crying and start playing again during the recitation. I always ask myself if they ever listen to the recitation if it is always like this everyday each time I play the VCD? My answer to this now is... YES!! Just imagine how on earth a 3 year old can recite surah al-qadr, at-takathur etc in less than 10minutes? Even my 1 year 6 months old boy who still cannot talk properly can recall the ending of each ayat in surah al buruj (22 ayat) whenever he got the mood to sit and listen to the recitation.

With this experience, I would like to share with other mothers to start early. You will be amazed with your children's development. Don't give up. They seems like they are not listening but they are! I remember teaching my boy when he was 6 months old. Each time whenever I taught him the hijaiyah alphabet, he seems to ignore me and I ended up feeling disappointed because it looks like I am talking to myself. Fortunately, I never give up. He is 1 year 6 months old now, knows all the hijaiyah alphabet and is learning the kasrah and dhammah reading. All babies are born smart. Just give them the chance. Never underestimate their brain capacity just because they are babies.

If their brain is trained early, anything is easy to them. For example, my daughter can speaks in two languages, she knows her ABC, numbers from 1-100 now, shapes and colours only from VCDs that I bought for her TV entertainment everyday. And she is not 3 years old yet! I did not seriously teach her these because to me, it can be learnt later in school/kindergarten when she is older. But she got all that early maybe because the Quran training that train her brain to memorize things faster.

My method of teaching my kids early is long being practiced by the Jews. It is nothing new to them but it is something new to us, especially to me. I hope this share of experience could inspire others to also start teaching their children early so that we can have smarter next generation that can bring changes to the Muslim world.


thezetzet said...


saja drop by.I pun suka dengar bacaan adik ahmad saud..dan sorang lg-MUHAMMAH TAHA AL-JUNAYD.i came across his bacaan semasa di makkha last june.mendorong i cari cd dia,sebab nak belajar lenggok2 dia bc quran.
kita yg dah dewasa ni lambat sikit nak hafal kan,tp setakat ni i dah daapt hafal surah Al-Waqiah.kan elok utk rezeki.
so cuba lah cr cd adik muhd taha,konsep bacaan pun sama mcm ahmad saud....sayu je dengar..

insyaallah i akan contohi u juga cara didik anak bila dah kawin nanti..

Anonymous said...

Maa syaa Allah, maa syaa Allah Wa barakallahu fiki ya umma darwishya.

Laa haula wa laa quwwata ilaa billahi.

Anonymous said...

Salam r u a working mother?